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Enchanted and Romantic Bridal Fashion

Bridal Fashion around the World. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Asian, European or American Beauty -- all women wish to look awesome on their wedding day. So this truth unites brides around the world. Here are some modern day romantic designs from different countries.

The Enchanted Bridal Fashion

Enter a world of fantasy and fashion starring a few absolutely dream frocks fit for any modern day princess. With lush florals, pretty pastels and the soft light of true love this is truly one enchanting fairy tale!  Something different from the norm. 

Fantasy bride pictures by Amber Gray 

Romantic Gowns

These light soft gowns reflect a quiet elegance. 
Gowns as beautiful as the language of Love.

The Muslim Bride

Muslim marriages are conducted based on Islamic traditions.  But the bridal attire need not be “traditional”, there is no requirement of any particular attire for the couple getting married (dress need not be of a certain color for instance). While many brides opt for the traditional bridal attire from their ethnic group, some other brides are opting for East-West bridal designs. Modern Muslim wedding dress are simpler and stylish, but equally lovely modest wedding dresses for Muslim brides and here are some jalabiya styles.

Oriental Brides

Oriental style wedding gowns are the most spectacular ones. It takes courage to try this, it means renouncing to what a traditional white wedding dress is but on the other side you gain a magnificent wedding dress. If not totally then partially influence of the oriental style and you still change something into a fashionable dress.

Japanese Modern Bridal Wear

The Modern Japanese Bride is likely to wear a wedding dress with Western styling. It's traditional, however, for the Japanese bride to change her clothing throughout the day. Bridal gowns for Japanese brides often start with the traditional wedding kimono, a white shiro-maku, which the bride wears at the ceremony. At the reception, the bride wears an intensely decorative and embroidered uchikake kimono over the shiro-maku to denote her new status. It's not bizarre for the Japanese bride to wear even more bride gowns as the day progresses, shifting into more formal wear for various parts of the wedding reception.

Chinese Wedding Dress

Chinese weddings are often steeped in tradition. Thus, for Chinese wedding dresses, red is normally the traditional color and white is not recommended. The red color also applies to many Asian cultures. Red is preferred because it is central to most of their themes. From wedding favors, invitations to dresses, the color red always features prominently. From the decorations to the bride’s dress, red must be visible. The Chinese Bride frequently wears red to signify her joy on her wedding day. Traditional Chinese bridal gowns are extravagantly embroidered with symbols of love, luck and fertility, often in gold thread. Now a day, many Chinese brides choose to wear a wedding dress in the Chinese tradition for the formal ceremony, and then change to Western style bridal gowns later in the day at the reception.

Brides of India and Pakistan

The Indian Bride has numerous different styles of bridal gowns from which to select. The most popular is a sari with a wedding lehenga and choli. Traditional colors for Indian bride gowns are red, burgundy, pink and wine. Highly embroidered and embellished wedding cholis and lehengas may be made by the bride's family, or purchased from a specialty shop.

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  1. My favorite wedding dress is the one created or photograph by Amber gray. That one looks elegant and soft, plus the extra velvety appearance makes it look more dreamy

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  3. Those Wedding collections really awesome...each one showing its own its own country's identity..Wedding days would be golden moments for all brides....When I see this i just recollecting my wedding memories...I chosen my sarees from an online clothng store Cbazaar


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