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Is it Wrong to be Materialistic?

Being materialist isn't always a negative thing. I don't think there's anything wrong in working hard and enjoying the finer things in life. Also, if someone has worked hard in order to buy something they really want, no one should judge them as it's their choice. I don't think wanting a nice house, having a holiday once or twice a year or just wanting nice things can be classed as materialistic. However, moderation is vital to remind one's self of the billions of poor people in the world. Everyone likes to have nice things in life and I’m sure that most people have some dream object that they would like to own whether it is a car, yacht, country mansion, beachfront home, penthouse, jewelry, designer clothes, plane.....whatever. I think it only becomes a problem when material things are more important to a person than human relationships….it is when the pursuit of such things starts to override qualities such as kindness, compassion, love, honesty and empathy, then it can become a negative trait.

I feel being materialistic is a bad thing when you live way out of your means, must have the latest as to show your worth and having to work every minute of the day to keep up the payments. When family life, friendships, relationships and your own health are neglected then thats the time to say its a bad thing. Not appreciating the important and smaller things in life is such a sad thing to lose.

Not all wealthy or successful people are lacking in such qualities but those who come to value income and/or status above all else and scorn those who possess neither start to lose touch with their humanity.

Good careers don't always = high achievements or nice houses….or even a happy life for that matter. There are people who want to make improvements in their lives but there are barriers to them being able to do it. The bottom line is people can do what they like, but it would be wise never to assume that lots of money, nice home, nice car = wonderful life.

People can also have immense job satisfaction due to the work that they do and the people they work for even if they aren't highly paid. What may motivate person x may not necessarily motivate person y.

Personal Choice :

I'm not a very materialistic person, I've never been interested in keeping up with my friends or neighbors….and with the Grace of God, I hope I do not fall into that evil ever. However, I do love nice and pretty things, who does not, right?...and it is most definitely not wrong if you can afford it. I do know some people though who own almost everything that is designer or expensive only to have that status thing, yet they are always never satisfied, envy others and are deep down not happy or satisfied...and some who are even in debt - what is the point in that? I do have nice things, things that mean something to me, things that other people have bought for me or me for myself, special gifts from people I love. Possessions don't have to cost the earth to mean anything. I don't spend lots of money on the latest gadgets but I do like to spend my money on health and beauty products ...even holidays. It's just a personal choice. Everyone has their own preferences and innocent vices :)

It's a nice feeling to be able to afford something on a whim if I wanted to or that I have something to fall back on and can replace the things I need when necessary. I might, from time to time splurge on something that I would really like, but more often than not its something I actually need. Besides, there is that budget thing that has to be monitored and also Savings for a rainy day.

Materialism :
Spending Money You Don’t Have
On Crap You Don’t Need

Food for thought :

Some people become materialistic because of their environments and lifestyle from young itself. They are used to living in a wealthy family since childhood and anything they want can and will be fulfilled. They are used to having lunch and dinner at high class places and wear only branded clothes and this will indirectly encourage such people to develop materialistic attributes in themselves. Being materialistic however is not a bad thing if you could afford it. However we are not going to live forever….we have another world that awaits us and preparation has to be made. Blessed are those who do not forget.

It is in everyone to be materialistic. It's however, common sense to choose to have a better life. For example, if we are given a choice between a Kancil or BMW car, most would choose the BMW because it is more comfortable. It is a natural instinct to want a luxurious life. Who in the world wants to be poor? It is not wrong to be materialistic as long as we have our Iman/Faith and remembrance of God to control our worldly desires.

Scarcity exists because of Humans Unlimited wants exceeding the resources in this world, and scarcity will never be eliminated because it is human nature to want everything this world has to offer. The world is full of deceit, tricking humans into indulging in the Materialistic world excessively. Technically speaking, majority of human beings are materialistic except for those who really know the true value of being spiritual as well.

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