Tuesday, July 19, 2011


People spend a lifetime searching for happiness


  1. hey there, this reminds me of the meaning of life. I know everyone has their different opinions about this, but isn't the true meaning of life is to find what makes you happy. If what makes you happy is fulfilling a dream, an addiction, or catching that special person, then it be the life's purpose to go after those things under the condition that you don't hurt anyone.
    I do agree that people want something so bad in their life to the point of not realizing that they don't really need it to be content. It's extremely important to constantly ask yourself "what makes you happy," and "will obtaining that goal complete your life." Who knows sometimes what you think makes you happy would actually make you miserable

  2. I agree Hilda....yet to find what makes you happy...needs first your inner self to have that drive and only when we tap into that inner self that wants to be happy and makes the positive effort to be happy ....can we achieve those dreams which give us the ultimate happiness. I guess the meaning to the *happiness* words here would be more of a consolation or a boost to those who are feeling down....and find no solace in anything...no drive...and start depending on everything else to boost their happiness without first starting from within. It is us who choose our paths....we choose to be happy or not....we choose to chase those dreams to make us happy...or not. Thank you for the great input.


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