Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today is Precious, Live NOW

Each Minute of Today is Precious.

Don't dwell on the past or worry about the future for too long. Right now is life....Live it! 

I am by nature a worrier. However, a life of half a century worth of mistakes, wrong choices and an attack of major depression has taught me that it gets us no where to worry or dwell on the past or future. The present is what matters and we should take control of it and live it now. We have to make the best of it because we do not know if we would even be alive tomorrow and we cannot bring back yesterday - The past is the past, accept it as a learning experience and move on, and the future is a new beginning to embrace when it arrives.

Negative thoughts can lead you to depression and it can be very fatal if not kept in check. Medication and treatment can only help so much and has its limits and also downfalls. God gave us a powerful tool to take control of our situation..and that tool is our mind. You would be amazed at how powerful our minds can be. You have to want it sincerely, and with that the mind can take over and remove those negative thoughts. We have the ability to turn negative thinking into positive thinking. When you find yourself in this spiral of negative thoughts, stop it in it's tracks by putting happy thoughts in your mind and FOCUS on it. If you give in to negativity, your whole day ends up miserable. Don't let life get you down…remember, Life is too short to waste on anything that harms our well being. 

Life is full of failures….everyone fails at something at some point in their lives. We are human, we make mistakes and not all of our goals will be reached the way we want or when we want it to, and with this we will be disappointed and even angry. To turn a bad negative situation into a positive one, we should never focus on why, where or how we went wrong. …we have to focus on what we can and will do better in the future. Place good happy thoughts in your mind and focus on it…like a beautiful place, a loved one that makes you happy….a fun moment or anything that is positive. 

Learn from mistakes and take it as an opportunity…failure is a good teacher. We need to realize this in order to remove the negative; our minds have the power to do it. Each minute of today is precious, don't waste it. Don't miss what is happening now with yesterday's mistakes or the unknown future, or you will be busy looking back at this moment and wondering why you wasted it. Just ponder on this : Stress is not caused by the stressor, it is caused by our reaction to it.


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