Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Universe is all Good

Fantasy art 'Child of Universe' by Josephine Wall

The Universe is all good; however in difficult situations we are often not able to see the bigger picture. Even situations we call 'bad' actually have good underneath them. Look at any situation with new eyes and look for the good. If you look for it, you will most assuredly begin to find it, and then you will have burst the illusion of difficulty and allowed all the good to come forth.

I am now reading a book called the The Secret Daily Teachings. The above is a selection from this book. The Secret comes as an inspirational companion that offers a new way to bring joy and harmony to all aspects of life, every single day. 

This beautifully designed book has removable pages so readers can share their favorite teachings or take their most cherished inspirations with them as they go about the day. The Secret Daily Teachings supports readers in harnessing the hidden, untapped power of the Universe within themselves. Remember, as one of the daily teachings says, “No matter where you are, no matter how difficult things may appear to be, you are always being moved toward magnificence.

About the Author

Rhonda Byrne’s intention is to bring joy to billions. She began her journey with The Secret film, viewed by millions. She followed with The Secret book, a worldwide bestseller now available in 46 languages. Now, with The Power, Rhonda Byrne reveals the single greatest force in our Universe, taking 

readers through the next vital steps in living The Secret. With 365 brand new insights that build on powerful truths, Byrne illuminates facets of the law of attraction that lead to more joy, abundance, and blessings—every single day of the year.


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