Friday, September 2, 2011


Sadness, Feeling so Alone.
Sorrow that brings forth tears.
Tears that cannot be held back.
An emotional breakdown within. 
Depression that cannot be controlled.
Heartache that numbs the whole being.
Soul feelings that cannot be expressed.

Sadness is inevitable in our lives. Most people remember God the most when they are feeling sad and when going through rough painful times….and that is why sadness brings us closer to God. It is most definitely an undesireable feeling but it is God’s way of teaching us humility. 

We should thank God for our blessings but sometimes sadness strikes during significant or sentimental moments. I have friends who are going through depression and friends who are battling for their lives with terminal illnesses. What do we say to people in these circumstances, and what do we want to hear from others when we ourselves are inflicted with the pain of life’s trials?  “I’m Sorry” sounds so passive and inadequate. ”It’s meant to be and God’s will” or similar, though true, is not what anyone wants to hear really; and “You are in my prayers” just simply goes without saying. Saying  “I am here for You” and really genuinely meaning it is what anyone would really feel good knowing and hearing. If you do not mean it and are not willing to really go all the way when needed, then saying nothing at all and giving your comforting presence whenever you can is all that is required.  


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