Thursday, December 8, 2011

Enjoy the Little things in Life

Being alive is something we all take for granted all the time. No one really thinks much about it. It’s easy for us to get caught up thinking of the future and past, the times we were happy and sad, disappointed, hurt etc. We forget to think and indulge in the present. We are blessed to still be here…to be alive…life in itself is the greatest gift and despite all our problems …life is beautiful. We just have to change our frame of mind to appreciate life and be grateful for it. 

The trick to being happy is to enjoy each day as it comes. Don’t wish away your days waiting for better ones. Sometimes we do not realize how big the little things in life really are. We just have to take time out to enjoy the little things in life like the wonderful smell of pancakes/roti canai/nasi lemak in the morning, smiling at others, having coffee/teh tarik with old friends, the smell and beauty of flowers around us…taking the time to actually browse a bookstore, giving a hug to loved ones and friends, holding your kids or partner’s hand, listening to music together…planting seeds and seeing sprouts come up, the concern people show you when you are hurt or injured, finding the perfect gift for someone, listening to little kids talk, praying together, helping an elderly person, reading hadith as a family, when a long lost friend still remembers you, seeing sunshine enter the room as you open the blinds….and the list goes on. 

It’s these little things in life that connect us to the bigger things….it’s these little things and moments that give us the quality in life. For those who have not already, start living in the present and enjoy the simple and little things in life....for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.


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