Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Give to Receive :

The fastest way to receive is to give, because giving starts the reciprocal action of receiving. We all receive according to how much we give. Give the best of you everywhere you go. Give a smile. Give Thanks. Give kindness. Give Love.

Your giving should be giving without expectation - a giving for the sheer joy of it. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

I feel GOOD, I feel HAPPY!

We only have one Body and One Life.  Keep both Healthy and Happy!

We are what we think...and we are what we eat! For years I was slowly poisoning my body with the wrong choice of foods and  being depressed due to negative thoughts. Why depressed and why wrong eating habits to the point of getting ailments and putting on so much weight? This is what happens when we are sad, having life's problems and being de motivated...but for many people, it is simply that they  LOVE food and Love to eat :)...and in the process gain unnecessary extra pounds. It is easy to blame others or situations but the real fault lies within us....we are the ones who allow bad situations to bring ourselves down...the truth of it all is that happiness, being healthy and being positive all come from within the person itself. It is a choice! The past is the past....if it was good, Praise be to God and if it was should be left just where it the past, and we should not look back. It is good though to use our bad experiences and sad past as a stepping stone and challenge to bring ourselves back stronger than ever. We only have One Body and only One Life....and we owe it to ourselves to keep our bodies Healthy....and to have a Happy Life!

The past weekend has been the start of great change in my life...and the past 3 weeks have been an amazing period and it will be a wonderful journey of Health, Happiness, Motivation and yes, who knows...even a bonus of Wealth! Health is Wealth anyway, right? There should not be a priced set on health. Without Health we end up getting sick with all kinds of illnesses and in fact paying a huge sum of money on Doctors and Hospital visits. I have been Obese for simply too many years and I gained even more weight when I was in Europe. I could not enter a number of my clothes after returning home. It's just a start but I lost 2kg in the first week and 1.6 kg in the second week...this gradual Weight Loss is really amazing because I can now enter my old clothes and I will gradually but surely move towards my desired goal and target of weight loss and the bonus of it all is that my ailments also have improved tremendously. I feel GOOD physically and emotionally. I have tried so many things in the past 20 years and nothing worked but now, I finally found a nutrition which really works to keep me healthy with guaranteed weight loss and the bonus of it all is that it keeps me Happy and motivated without having to starve and without even exercising! The amazing thing is that it has all the right balanced nutrients in it and with that it somehow has given me ENERGY, some effect on my happy hormones to keep me motivated and uplifted too. What's even more amazing is that after 3 years of Insomnia and unable to have proper rest and sleep, I am able to have a restful and complete full sleep of 6 to 8 hours a day now...YAY!!!

I am soooo thankful to my daughter Nur Sabrina for bringing this Nutrient to my attention. At first I was Sceptical but after 1 week of results...I became a believer! Now even my 77 year old Diabetic mum takes it and she is totally hooked on it because it has kept her sugar levels at a balance and also removed all her leg swellings. I will post my progress regularly in my blog as a documented journal of results and I will have to start taking before and after photos too.  Have a great day everyone!  :) xoxoxoxo.... - Nur

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