Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Say NO to Negative Thinking.

Every Negative thought is a message sent from Life to Teach you a Lesson. You will continue having the Negative thought until you Learn the Lesson it has to Teach. Negative thoughts are there for a reason, and you have to find the root of the cause. Discover why it is there. 

I did a lot of research on this because I had been in this ugly destructive cycle  not too long ago. The worst is over....but sometimes there are bouts of it trying to creep back into my life. It is a constant struggle but I strive to pull myself back into positive mode again. It helps when you have positive people around you. 

Negative thoughts will destroy our lives. When a negative thought manages to  creep into your mind, Don’t say it....Don’t think it....Don’t write it..Don’t infer it.  Don’t agree with it.  It’s always wrong, and never right.  It never makes your life better, and always makes it worse. Check the negative spin cycle below...of how destructive it can be.


Every negative thought that enters your mind is a message sent from life to teach you a lesson.  You will continue having the negative thought until you learn the lesson.  The sooner you learn it, the sooner it will no longer be a problem and go away. When life sends you a negative thought, you must discover the lesson it has to teach.  Implicit in that negative thought is a positive action you are supposed to take. When a negative thought enters your mind, you immediately must do four things.

First, learn the lesson it has to teach.

Second, take a positive action based on what the negative thought has taught you.

Third, think of two positive thoughts to displace the negativity from your mind.

Fourth, use your Power Graphics to push your mind in a positive direction.

These four steps are easy to perform, and they give you an effective strategy to deal with the negative thoughts blowing through your mind.

Oh yes...don't forget to always smile. :) A smile costs's contagious and it is the very first thing to do to help you to be in a positive frame of mind and to block negative thoughts. A smile radiates positive vibes which in turn catches on to others and somehow, the universe bounces it back onto us to bring positive into our lives. 

It's time to forget your negative past and to reach forward into a positive future. HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE :)

Great information and resource of positive thinking and how to avoid depression from Dr. Dave :
zero tolerance to negative thinking.


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