Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Tough times don't last but tough people do."

We have to constantly remind ourselves of this to keep strong...but it's really not easy when things just remain down for such a long time. My last blog post said that Life gives us negatives and never removes it until the lesson in it is learned....but sometimes we are unable to identify what the lesson is let alone be able to overcome the negative. Do we keep going in circles and remain in that black hole indefinitely till we figure it out on our own... or do we share it with a loved one or friend to open our minds to other possibilities which we are unable to come up with on our own.....or do we step on our pride and denial that we do need professional help and to seek it before we fall deeper to only destroy everything around us as well...including whatever shreds of positives that are left in our lives. ?

Is it worth it to brood on what we don't have to only destroy and kill what we already do have? Many of us do not realise that we neglect the good which is already in our lives because we are so busy dwelling in the past or chasing the future. Be grateful for what you have NOW….and nurture it as much as possible if you want a fulfilling and happy life. 

Don't expect to get anything positive or nurturing from loved ones when you yourself do not give it. How can you expect anyone to understand your needs when you do not care to make an effort to understand their needs as well? In the giving only are we able to undergo the process of receiving. 

--- Nur Diyanah Magness


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