Monday, November 30, 2020


Wowww it's been years since I posted anything on my blog 😱😱😱 !! Truth be told, Life and adventures simply took over and I relocated from Malaysia to Belgium and now in the United Kingdom. :) 😜. So much has happened since then....good, not so good and really sad events. I even have 2 beautiful grand daughters now, Maryam Jasmine and Aleena Rose...such delights that I only get to see twice a year when I travel back to Malaysia.  Sadly it has not been so for this year ....2020 has been an unprecedented year for all of us with Covid, Lockdowns, Quarantines and restricted movements. 

My husband and I contracted the virus in March and we are so so thankful that we survived it. It really took a huge toll on our bodies and respiratory systems that even until now we are still not 100% the same as before.

Anyway, onto positive stuff -- Yesterday I posted one of my lazy 'go to' comfort meals on Instagram and Facebook and it had an amazing response from friends and family requesting for the recipe. So yes, this is also one main reason why I have  reactivated my blog to share the recipe with everyone. Plus, 2020 has been so stressful and I need some blogging therapy to rant, vent, share etc etc. 😉😇

Well, now that my reasons and excuses for not blogging are's get down to business. Sneak preview of my next post ... Ginger Garlic Chicken Pulau. 



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